The Cyber Pusher is coming your way!

Bring coins, any coins, and play!

Still have a ton of coins from your last holliday? Or the holiday from your parents in 1987? Or did you just 3D print coins? Or are you still stuck with a bunch of worthless discotheque coins? Bring them and play the Cyber Pusher! 

And if you didn't bring any coins, use a 3D printer, cut out a coin, get some from the supermarket or rob a money transfer truck. There is also the option to cheat in creative and original ways as security of the device is negligable.


You'll be able to play at

Chaos Communication Camp 2019, 21-25 August 2019 (date unsure)

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Hacker Hotel 2019

February 15 - 17 2019

Hacker Hotel was a security and hacking conference in the Netherlands. The Cyber Pusher appeared for the first time. This was pusher version 1.1 with audio, lights and a hopper.

Facts and figures: 
Coins inserted: 2000+
Cyber Coins won: +/- 100
Programmed payout rate: 20/1
Actual payout rate: 1/1
Hacks documented: 6

Extended gameplay

The Cyber Hopper adds Cyber Coins to
the playing field every X coins inserted.

More rainbows than a unicorn

Hypnotic, intoxicating rainbow lightning effects that are guaranteed to make every unicorn blush.

Feature Three

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Abysmal Payout Rate

"You can take the machine out of the fair, but you can't take the fair out of the machine."

Sound effect Themes

Specify themes with background music and sound effects for every occasion.

State of the art design from 1969

Produced on March 1969, with iconic plastic wood, green dashed metal and metal plating.


Cheating is part of the game. We ask you to device a new cheat, as there are ininite ways to cheat. This is a gallery of all cheats that have been documented so far. If you've found a new cheat, take a few coins as a reward and send your hack to @cyberpusher or The most inventive and fun hacks are displayed here shortly after the event.

Sensor triggering

Using a small piece of paper, the tripwire laser can be triggered. The machine thinks a coin is inserted.

Using a hook

With a simple cardboard cutout, a hook can be inserted from the payout slot. This can be used to insert prizes from the side into the playing field.

Using a rake

A hook with several coins attached can also be inserted. This allows you to rake the playing field and get a high payout.

Balloon air blast

A balloon can be inserted by squishing it between to pieces of paper through the crack in the front window. The balloon can then be inflated and might cause movement on the playing field.

Lock Picking

The Cyber Pusher uses a weak lock on the back. This can be easily picked to access the machines inner components. This contains moving parts and unshielded 220 volt wires(!).

Open the back

The mirror panel can be openened for servicing the playing field. It was used to insert prize tokens for players. You can just open it any time with ease.

Glass pane open

When the top glass pane is not correctly installed, it's easy to remove one of the front glass panes. This allows you to service the playing field yourself.

Your hack

There are still dozens of ways to cheat and hack this machine. You're invited to do so at your own risk. When succeeded, show off your hack to @cyberpusher and take a few cyber coins.

Todo list

Over engineering at its finest

- Add dangerous voltage, class 1 laser product and moving parts stickers on the back.
- Improve wiring with stable wires and fewer in sight
- Replace bottom plating with something more rigid without oil
- Better shield lasers from outside light / amp laser
- Tamper prevention at coin insertion slot
- Markings to correctly install the glass plate to misalign
- IR reader for remote control of the machine and new exploits 
- Add display with nice statistics and videos
- Add webcam to watch  new hacks happening (minding privacy) 
- Add tilt sensor to encourage more sneaky hacks
- Logs and stats of inserted coins

Cost breakdown

What Version Details Cost in €
Pusher 1.0 Antique Bulldozer Coin Pusher 225
Hopper 1.0 Suzo Cube Hopper MKII (25mm wheel) 25
Raspberry Pi 1.0 Pi 3 Model B (40 pins) ?
Coin Sensor 1.0 Laser + Light Sensor ?
Relay 1.0 old school 3.3v to 12v 0
Memory Card 1.0 Kingston 16 GB card ?
Cyber Coins 1.0 1000 Cyber Coins (25mm) (Salentijn) 150
Speaker 1.1 Logitech Subwoofer + Desk speakers (Hack42) Free
LED Strip 1.1 5M Addressable Led strip with controler and remote (Action) 17